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Job Fair, Sandwich Nazi, and other nuggets of interest

A lot of randomness:

* Presented my website in class today. Presentation didn't go so well because the Pitt server was slow/down the whole time. Someone must have been using it to play Quake or something; wouldn't surprise me. Anyway, I got a pretty good grade, but I lost points because I didn't have any "advanced features"- whatever the hell that means. Isn't JavaScript advanced when all you're requiring of us is HTML? I found out later he gives "advanced feature" credit for junk like marquis (those scrolling message things). I hate those. That's why I refused to code one. What did I learn in school today? That in this class you get a better grade for ganking marquis code than you do for trying to be a good web designer. Sheesh.

* I had to get all gussied up for school today so that I could go to the job fair. ;) I don't imagine anything will come of me passing around my resume to people who are more than likely going to use it to line their trashcans, but it never hurts to try. I'd really like a job downtown somewhere, since it'd be an easy commute via train. Heck, at this point I'd really like a full-time job.

* The building where I work is often host to conferences and meetings and such- which means a buttload of food gets ordered in, usually more than is consumed by the meeting-types. That means it's a free-for-all for anyone else who happens by, since whatever isn't taken gets thrown away.

Josh (whom I've known since freshman year and helped me get this job) and I were at work yesterday- he was there to bum around, I had been working but my shift had just ended- and our boss came up with a nice big sandwich. Meeting downstairs, we learned. Just go ahead and take one! So we bolted for the goods. Heck, I'm lucky to get a cereal bar for lunch most days, so I can't pass up a free sandwich. But, lo and behold, when we get to the table overflowing with sandwiches, this lady comes by and hisses that they're not for us, we can't have one. Fine, whatever. Josh and I stayed by the table anyway, talking a little before we went our separate ways: I to class, he to wherever. The whole time, Sandwich Nazi is off in some corner giving us the evil eye.

"So the only reason she's here is to make sure no one takes a sandwich?" I ask.

Josh nods and snickers. "What a useless human being."

* Mom bought a nice little patch of land in the neighboring township! =) It's also in the neighboring county, which means lower taxes. She's not sure if she wants to build on it or sell it herself. We'll find out soon enough, I guess!

* Nick, Krissy, Jeff, and I recently joined a bowling league. Our first match was on Sunday. We didn't have to play against anyone since we're the odd team out- which is probably a good thing because all the other team scores were at least 100 points above ours, hehe. I didn't do too bad, though. Bowled my highest game ever, actually: a 102. ^_^ I know it sucks, but I'm proud anyway. Nick, on the other hand, bowled four strikes in a row his first game! That was impressive stuff. Our next match is two Sundays from now. We'll actually have to play against another team; I'll let yinz (in Pittsburgh you don't say "y'all," you say "yinz," "yunz," "youse guys" or something equivalent ;) ) know how it goes.
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