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Thanks for all the well-wishes! Class in Mass. went well. As I mentioned, I'll be there tomorrow too.

Which raises an interesting point. Remember how I said they're reimbursing me for mileage and tolls? Well, with mileage alone, I'm being paid around $40 for one day's driving. So, two hours of driving equals forty dollars- meaning I'm getting paid $20/hour to drive. That's almost double my hourly rate for when I'm teaching, and over triple my hourly rate for when I'm not teaching.

So, maybe I should do some laps in the parking lot on breaks?

Going to an advanced screening of Serenity tonight, which is the movie based off of Firefly. The rest of you get to wait to September to see it, ha-ha! ;)

Our cadre is dressing up as characters from the show. Angel's a dead ringer for Kaylee, Cheryl's going as a girl Jayne, Remy's borrowing Angel's browncoat so he can be Mal (with long hair ;) ), and I'm dressing up as Inara, the classy space prostitute.

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