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Hello from Massachusetts!


Yup! I'm here in Pittsfield today to teach an Excel course. Took me about an hour to drive over, but it was all highway driving on uncrowded roads (meaning I averaged like 80-90 mph, heh), my directions were spot-on, and I had no trouble finding the place. Now I'll just be futzing around with my computer and setting up in here until the students arrive. Unfortunately, Gmail is blocked on their LAN, so I can't grab any email, but no one thought to block LJ at least! >=)

I have to come back here on Friday, and then a couple more times in July. I'm not thrilled about hour-long commutes (one of the big motivators for leaving Pittsburgh, remember?) and having to leave for work at 6:45, but at least I'm being reimbursed for mileage and tolls.

Here's hoping class goes well! ^_^

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