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Musik und vielleicht etwas anderes

I was tagged by ellie:

List your current six favorite songs, then pick six other people that have to do the same:

Brace yourselves for a very weird list:

1. Strong Bad's techno rendition (watch it here)
2. Dvorak's 9th Symphony, From the New World
3. Sonic Mayhem - Anti-Logic (download it for free here)
4. Voltaire - The USS Make Shit Up (download it for free here)
5. AceCombat 04 Shattered Skies OST - Megalith Agnus Dei
6. Xenosaga II Movie soundtrack - Communications Breakdown

1. lordjosh2004
2. mqstout
3. lsduncan
4. dr_abraxas
5. purrsia
6. golden_d

Oh- and thanks to purrsia's recent struggles vs. lame-i-tude, I've got the inspiration needed to crank out the last bit of Ronixis MiSTing that I still don't have done yet. Just a little bit more of Part Six and I'll be through with it AT LAAAAST!

For those of you who have no goddamn clue what I'm talking about,

Okay. Soooo, a while back I was actively part of TCATGR, an online ThunderCats community that kept track of show-specific memorabilia, shared fanfic, and the like. One day, an asshat named Ronixis came along and asked the community to send him funds. You see, he'd written a script for a new TCats series, one that was so fresh and so original that it would revive what he thought to be a dying American animation industry. And he didn't have the money required to get this script submitted and read, so could we help?

Well, there was no shortage of people willing to help, but they wanted to read the script first before they decided to contribute funds. Sounds reasonable, right? Well, at first Ronixis refused, scared that someone would run away with his groundshaking work. But, after it became clear that no one was going to send him money without getting a look at the script first, he yielded somewhat and released three scenes' worth.

And, by God, they were horrible.

If you want an idea of how horrible, click here- I wrote a MiSTing for these three parts shortly thereafter, if only to get the bad taste out of my head. In short, the characterization was way off, new villains (obvious ripoffs of characters from Darkstalkers- he didn't even bother to change the names of the characters in some cases!) had been inserted... ugh, he broke just about every rule of decency imaginable.

And so, the TCATGR explained that, because none of us liked this new script, we weren't going to support it financially. They provided constructive criticisms in an honest effort to be of help, which Ronixis not only ignored, but angrily stormed against. He was at last moved to release the whole script, thinking that maybe it was bad because those three parts had been out of context.

And my friends, such is how the worst script ever written was unleashed upon a band of innocent fans.

The script was in the TCATGR's archives for only a short while before Ronixis stole it back away. But a very astute fellow named Cassius saved a copy of it, which he passed along to both purrsia and myself. Purrsia finished her MiSTing ages ago, hehe, and it's at her site (http://www.purrsiathunder.net/). Instead of Mike and the 'bots, she used TCATGR and TCats characters in the theater, and it's some good shit. I'm so close to being done with mine (which does torture MoTB) that it's not even funny. I've already suffered through 98% of it, I might as well go all the way!

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