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Relocation leftovers

Stuff that I must still do:

1) Change my name on everything back to my maiden name
2) Register my car for New York State
3) Obtain a duplicate title 'cause I lost the original (may or may not be needed)
4) Get my car inspected
5) Buy car insurance for New York State (current PA policy expires at the end of the month)

The only problem with these things is, it seems there's this huge bureaucratic Catch-22 about which of them must be done first. Do I need insurance before I can register, or registration before I can insure, for instance? And the inspection thing is another tricky bit. I wasn't so worried about letting my current sticker expire because there are areas of Pennsylvania where vehicle inspection isn't necessary ("Golly-gee, Officer, I'm from East Bumfuck, PA. Don' need no fancy 'spections there!"). But it seems you need a valid inspection in order to register- even though they make you re-inspect as part of the registration process. WTF?

And if I don't get #1 done first, then someday I'll have to go through the hassle of changing my name on all the car-related stuff. I should be okay so long as I can get my name changed on Social Security quickly enough. I can do that when I have my divorce decree in hand. Been divorced for over a month now, but the decree is still sitting in Pittsburgh. My mom hasn't been out of the house much lately because of foot surgery, but now that she's up and about again for the most part (yay!), she'll be mailing it to me soon.

Today's Conclusion: Bureaucracy blows.
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