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Waiting for a 2 GB file to copy onto a machine so that I can set up a VPC and play around with Macromedia software. I need to learn Dreamweaver and Fireworks so's I can teach 'em later. ;)

But at least that gives me time to jaw about my nice long weekend! Lots of fun indeed, and it was way too short. I went to my first-ever SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) event, the War of the Roses. You pick a side when you arrive (York or Lancaster), and if you compete in any of the events, you earn points for your side. A victor is announced on Sunday.

I think I mentioned before that my roomies would be making event-appropriate garb for me, and make they did. The dress and surcoat came out extremely well. Angel and Cheryl really outdid themselves! I'll have to take pictures and spoil them rotten later. Anyway, I went with Remy, Sarah, and Dennis. We'd initially planned on camping over the weekend, but decided not to, since the weather forecast was looking bleak. But of course, because our camping plans were scrapped, we got lovely sunny weather that only turned cold in the evenings. Oh well, you know how it is- if we'd camped, we would've been flooded out and half-frozen by mid-Saturday. I thought it ended up working out pretty well overall- less to clean up by the end, and it did get pretty cold at night. And thanks to Sarah, Dennis, and Seamus (someone I haven't met before who joined us on occasion), there was a lot of really good food. ^_^

There were many competitions to watch and participate in, too- things like archery, fencing, and bardic talentry. Remy told a very amusing story at bardic- the audience loved it- and two people I kinda-sorta know were chosen as the new baronial bardic champions. =) And, of course, there was music! I remembered to bring my viola on Sunday, so I got to play alongside Remy's violin, as well as the violins, harps, and recorders that some other musicians had with them (I found out that Dennis is a violinist, too- we didn't get a chance to play together, but we should sometime). I'd never done that before- just found a group of people and sat down to play with them, I mean. I've always been way too shy to play anything in front of other people. But, play I did- even though I'm still not all that good at viola. ;) Could somebody find a way to beam my piano in and out as needed? I'm much better with that...

We topped off the event with dancing on Sunday evening, which was also a lot of fun. Very nice event all around. =)

Monday was considerably lazier, heh. Lots of Star Trek TOS, MST3K, Family Guy, and Dr. Who. Ah, and reading as well! I'm almost done with a book I bought nearly six years ago and just never picked up to read 'til now: "I Am Spock" by Leonard Nimoy. Quite entertaining! The main reason I bought it, however, is that the title page of the book is signed by Mr. Nimoy himself. Wish I could've gotten the autograph in person, but this works too! ;)

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