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string myWeekend = "awesome!"; string myWeek = "mostly teh suq";

The Weekend
It was a lot of fun! ^_^ I finally got a new pair of rollerblades, and the cutest optical mouse EVAR. It's a little over three inches long, and made of blue metallic plastic. The scroll wheel is clear, and when I move the mouse around, it glows blue. Adorable! And a heck of a lot better than the shitty $4 trackball mouse I've been coping with using recently.

Also, on Saturday I went to the Albany Historical Art Museum with Remy, Sarah, Dennis, and Sarah's parents, and saw a lot of pretty artwork and met the town's resident mummies, one of whom was named Ankhefenmut (I read his name right off the sarcophagus- pretty proud about that ^_^ The name means "He lives for/through [the vulture mother goddess] Mut"). Then, later on that evening, roughly that same group minus the parents plus Jeremy and my roomies Angel and Cheryl got all Goth-ed up to go clubbing Saturday night at Abyss. I love dancing!! =)

The Week
Okay, here is where all the shit hits the fan. But it's not entirely shit. I mean, there are definite silver linings throughout, but it's just weird that all this shit has been so thoroughly concentrated into two days. Were I concerned about the existence of shit singularities, I may have started wondering if a temporal shit gravity well just suddenly formed on this week, but I think I'm going somewhere I don't want to be going and should really quit while I'm ahead.

Anyway, let's start with Monday. Things completely blow up at work. Somehow, it was forgotten that we needed to send an instructor to teach at a facility forty minutes away for the next three days. So, an instructor was sent- but the class he was assigned to teach at the main center on Tuesday was left instructor-less. Guess who gets saddled with it? The instructor who was supposed to have that day to relax and prep (i.e., not teach and spend some time learning new software). In other words, me!

Normally, I wouldn't care so much. But I happened to be teaching a kinda stressful class on Monday (the highest level of Access, which I've only taught once before- a different version of the software- and involves some VBA coding, which I can BS my way through, but am not totally comfortable with), so I really wanted the following day to unwind. And, this class I had to take over was Acrobat for Print Professionals. Not terribly familiar with Acrobat, and I know almost jack and shit about professional printing. Which meant I had to spend some hours that evening studying.

The Access class seemed to go pretty well, but I got shitty evals for it. Well, lemme rephrase that. I got glowing evals from most of the class, and horrible evals from two people (no comments left as to why they left such low scores), so the average eval was skewed out of my favor. Argh.

Oh well, it was behind me, so I went home and planned to spend some time studying Acrobat, right? Well, I don't get to it 'til pretty late. Remy's cat Rochester decided to permanently vanquish one of his "foes," and ate a big long piece of string he'd played with and "killed." Whoops. Fortunately, Sarah (sweetheart that she is) took him to the emergency vet so Remy and I could try to get some sleep for work (though neither of us really felt drowsy at that point), and fortunately again, Rochester coughed up the string and didn't need uber-expensive surgery. *phew!* I'm definitely grateful that he's okay. Still woozly from sedatives, but okay. =)

So, Tuesday. I sorta know what I'm doing for the Acrobat class. Class started at 8:30, but didn't get rolling until 9:20, because Virtual PC decided to be a bitch. My instructor machine still wouldn't cooperate, so I had to sit at a student machine to teach class, and it was apparent to all how much I had to rely on notes to get through the lessons. I couldn't answer many of the questions thrown at me (though I did look up a lot of answers for people). Also, because we started so late, I had to cut out a bunch of material to end class on time, which I'm sure people weren't happy about.

So, my student evals sucked again, for the second day in a row. But my boss was very understanding about it, and even pulled me aside to let me know that those scores wouldn't count (I'm eligible for bonuses every month if I meet a certain eval score average), and told me not to worry.

And on top of all this, I unexpectedly got my monthly visitor. Wasn't prepared in the least, so I had to bum aspirin off someone else, and the vending machine in the bathroom ate two quarters and dispensed zero Tampax.

So... yeah. I hold out hope that the rest of the week will progress more smoothly. I have what should be easy classes to teach, and afterward, a glorious three-day weekend, and the Tuesday I go back to work is a prep day. Woohoo!

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