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The weekend in review, and other things

I meant to post earlier, but I've been teaching courses this week that I've never taught before, so I've had to buckle down and pay attention a bit, heh.

Anyway, my roommates rock! Cheryl and Angel surprised me with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne for my divorce, hehe! And many times during the weekend, the following exchange took place:

Angel> Hey, Minna- you're divorced!
Me> ::bouncing:: Squee!

Also, this weekend was Albany's annual Tulip Festival. The park just down the street from our house was festooned with hundreds of tulips, and booths with carnival-type junk food and mostly overpriced artwork (kinda like the Shadyside Arts Festival in P-Burgh). We snagged a lot of good pictures there, which I'll post whenever I get around to offloading them onto my computer. ^_^ Remy and I played violin/viola (respectively) a little bit too, but at Empire Plaza, not at the fair (where we might've gotten some tips, but might also have gotten some crap from the police, go figure).

Hmm... in other news, today's my mom's birthday, so I made sure to call home and send flowers. =) She's feeling better after her surgery, but still isn't able to walk and has only left the house one or two times since she came home from the hospital. I'm glad Ray and Krissy are there for her.

Also, last night I finally finished that 12" x 18" counted cross-stitch that I started back around Christmas of 2002! =D I detached it from its frame last night, and ironed it this morning before work. It's a scene of two geisha women. I'll try to photograph it if I can. And, because I'm a masochist, I've already bought another 12" x 18" pattern of another geisha. Hey, I need something to match to the first one!

Remy and I are going on a bona fide date tonight- out to dinner, then to see Hitchhiker's. ^_^ Very excited for that.

I also got a card in the mail from thedemonprist. *HUGS* Thanks, hon! I'll reciprocate sometime soon =)

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