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Pausing from homework and all that other good shite

I know what day it is, but I'm not going to talk about it. It's not denial or shutting out feelings. It's more like I'm-not-letting-it-get-me-down. I think if I were dead, and part of me was in fact still in existence, I'd want people to be getting on with their lives. You better believe my FUN-eral is going to be a par-tay- and not just for my enemies either. ;)

So anyway, I finished my webpage for class. You can go here to check it out. Most of the content is there just 'cause the prof said it had to be, but I also put up a photo section as added incentive (I don't think many of my online buddies know what I look like, hehe). When the assignment is over, I might start converting the site to my newest cyber-hacienda and move all my fanfic and MiSTings there (this one and that one), but I dunno yet.

Speaking of MiSTings, I got motivated to work on that old script of Ronixis' again, heh heh heh... the WHOLE thing this time around. I hope Purrsia doesn't mind too terribly. I know she's already done an awesome job. I'm still far from done, but I have been in that wiseass tongue-in-cheek mood lately so I thought that was worth mentioning.

BTW, Nick's on the phone and says hi. ^_^

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