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Two exams down!

I'm one step closer to being a DOOMstructor, hehe! I passed the MOS exam for MS Access with a score of 906/1000. =)

Three more exams to go- and hopefully I'll be able to do at least one during my days off next week. I have to say "hopefully" because we've run out of exams, so I'll need to pester someone to buy more.

In the meantime, I can study for Word Expert and Excel Expert- which may be tricky pains in the arse, from the looks of things. I should also probably start learning how to use the Studio MX programs (Flash, Dreamweaver, etc.) and get back into playing with Photoshop, as I'll soon be shifted into teaching more of those as opposed to exclusively MS Office stuff.

Also, I've been relearning some Java coding. Haven't touched the stuff in over a year, so I figured it was time for some serious reedumacation. I wrote and debugged a program, but currently, my hangup is that java [name of my class] won't run the friggin' thing. Says it can't find the class, even though it's right there! >.< I'm sure I'm just doing something moronic- hopefully Remy will have an idea as to what's going wrong.

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