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Thanks to many timely cancellations, I'm not teaching again 'til next Thursday. Which is neat, because it gives me time to learn new software, maybe relearn some programming, and take a few more certification tests... but I only earn an hourly wage while doing that, and not my teaching bonuses, so my next paycheck will be scanty.

Oh well. The HUGE one I got for teaching two weeks of night class will probably make up for that. =)

Life in Albany continues to treat me well! Just haven't had much time/drive/etc. to go online and post much. But here are some bits of randomness that I'm sure you're dying to know:

* It's been over 90 days since I filed the initial paperwork for divorce, and Nick and I have been living in separate abodes for- holy shit, coming up on half a year now. Anyway, that magic number 90 was what I had to wait on- and now all the rest of the divorce paperwork has been filed! I'm just a tad fuckin' thrilled about this. ^_^ Should get the final decree in about a month or so, and Angel and Cheryl want to frame it and throw me a party, lol!

* My iPod continues to refuse to reformat. When I called tech support, they told me I'd already used up my one free call (Remy called on my behalf a few weeks earlier- and their suggestion didn't fix the problem, funny that), so if I wanted tech support via phone, I'd have to either pay $50 per call or pay to extend my warranty. Wha-huh? Oh well- at least the Mac store isn't far away. I really would like to be able to use the thing... ^_^*

* Mom's having foot surgery tomorrow, and she's very nervous about it. If any of you want to send along good-luck-type sentiments, feel free to comment and I'll pass them along. =)

* Remy bought me the first two seasons of Ren and Stimpy on DVD. Goddamn, but it's been fun to rewatch! ^_^ His birthday's next week, and I'm hoping he'll like his present.

Have a great day and an even better weekend, everyone!
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