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Score One Cert!

I'm now a Microsoft Office Specialist in PowerPoint, wee! Just got done taking my exam, which was butt-easy, btw. Got a 939 out of 1000, and only needed 650 to pass. ; ) I need to take four more of these- Word (expert level), Excel (expert level), Access, and Outlook- and then I'll be an MOS Master Instructor.

...of DOOM!!

I'll append that to my certificate, just you wait.

Anyway, been busy teaching, and Intarweb got fuxx0red at the apartment again, so I've been flaky on LJ and email lately. But all goes well! Remy and I saw Sin City last weekend (very good), we put together his new Ikea bed, and I got his bed and both my Ikea computer desk and bookcase assembled. I'll soon not be living out of boxes anymore! It'll be neat.

Cheryl and Angel are most awesome roomies. I mean, who else are you gonna go out on the roof and hula-hoop with at 10 PM? ^_^

And the kitties have taken well to their new home, and are very cute and loving. There was a scare with Gracie at one point, as she seemed to have disappeared. What had happened was that she'd found the hole in my closet that leads down into the floorboards, and had dropped down there for a little adventure. Now that she's been rescued, she's constantly trying to get back down there, lol. Not sufficient for me to just close my closet door on her, either- she's able to employ Cat Magic (TM) and has that door wide open by the time I come home in the evening. So I have to block it off with boxes. ^_^ Silly cat.

Anyway, the salespeople here met their stretch goal last month, so not only do we all get a cash bonus this paycheck, but we also get lunch ordered in every day this month. We're anxiously awaiting Chinese noshy-bits, heh heh. I go now. ^_^

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