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At least I get OT pay out the ass next paycheck...

The night class took their exam last night- which was good, because it meant a two-hour respite from having to talk or think, and I was pretty rotten at both of those particular activities by that point. I've since rebounded, thankfully- just in time for the LAST NIGHT CLASS, woohoo! ^_^

Anyway, they took their exams- which I didn't write, btw- and the high grade out of the class was 65 out of 80. Rough, but not all that surprising, because it was a shitty exam, but also because most of them assumed they knew everything there was to know and didn't study all that hard for it. At least no one failed it. Some people hung around last night and waited for me to grade their exams then, and I would've felt horrible if I had to tell someone they failed. I know, not really my fault- I didn't write the test, and I told them bajillions of times that the test came out of their book, not my lectures, so make sure to read it etc. etc.- but I still would've felt bad.

So, anyone know how to kill four hours of class time if you're the teacher? I want to let them out early, but I'm not allowed to. Hmm. I figure I can kill an hour or two reviewing their tests with them- I was pretty lenient about grading, but I am allowed to give them more leeway if they can successfully argue that a question was misleading- but I'm at a loss after that. Maybe have them review Word or Excel, or maybe let them practice "network setup skills" by having them download the Doom 3 demo and host some multiplayer games or something.

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