Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Talk about penny-pinching...

My final Pittsburgh bills looked something like this:

Gas: a little over $6.00
Electric: a little over $5.00
Phone: $0.08

Yes, that's right. Fuckers made me write out a check for EIGHT CENTS. It's going to cost nearly five times that much to mail the check. Shouldn't there be something where if your bill's under a certain amount, they consider the balance paid off and just forget about it? I mean, really, is eight cents going to make or break anybody at a national telecommunications firm?

And before you ask, yes, they do enforce ridiculously small bills like these. At Pitt, I once got a phone bill for $0.10- must've called the area code that someone down your street could have and yet is still considered long-distance, silly me- which I essentially giggled at and threw out. The next month, I not only got a repeat bill, but also a late fee attached. A late fee of one penny. Eleven cents, please.

Does this not seem like undue pettiness? I'd recommend doing a certain something with the loose change I'm sending them, but I don't think that particular orifice of theirs could accommodate something dime-sized, much less penny- or nickel-sized.

I think that last paragraph proves that a) I need more sleep and b) teaching night class tonight is going to be very interesting.

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