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The Week in Review

It's been a busy one, folks, but overall a good one!

The big thing is that I got Week One of night class out of the way. My nighttime students are a fun bunch- I'm proud that I've managed to learn all their names, heh. But even so, I don't think the class is going so well. The thing is, they're on a study track where they're going to end up with some really advanced certifications, but the first thing they have to get out of the way is a basic "I know how to use a computer" cert- and that's the class I'm teaching.

Now, most of these people are well beyond needing me to tell them what a mouse is and how to type things in Word. Hell, I talked to some of them about assembly programming last night! So, I can quite acutely feel their pain as I'm sitting there explaining how to do stuff they already know how to do.

Unfortunately, I can't do much to ease that pain. I'd let them go early, but I can't- I have to keep them there for four hours every night or as close as I can get to that, or I could get in trouble. The other big problem is that I've almost run out of course material- and I have a whole week to fill yet. What haven't I covered yet? How to use the Intarweb- and I know they know how to do that, 'cause they're doing it each evening as I sit there jawing about stuff they already know =P

As an instructor, and as someone who was sitting where they were not too long ago in college, I hate putting my students through this. At least my boss is on my side, and agrees that we'll either need to a) add more challenging material to this course or b) make it one week long instead of two the next time it's offered.

I just hope I'm not the one teaching it next time around! ^_^*

Because I'm hourly and have been working the extra evenings, and because I didn't have to teach day classes on Tuesday or Wednesday, I got to have those mornings off. =) It was rather awesome. I got a bit more unpacking done (yes, I'm still unpacking), did some reading and writing, and ran a number of errands. First was getting my car through his 6,000-mile maintenance. True, he was 1,000 miles past due for that, but hey, whatever.

I love Saturn. Their cars rock and their service rocks too. They washed my car after maintenancing it- for free- which made me really happy... until I found out that we'd be getting snow that very same evening. Gah. Oh well, it's melted already and my car isn't too much dirtier for it.

I also tried to open a bank account at Sefcu, but you need New York state ID to do that. Whoops.

The last errand I had to attend to was a parking ticket. Apparently someone thought I'd parked too close to a hydrant, though I swear I wasn't any closer to it than most people get when I see them park. (Honestly, does anyone give a hydrant 15 feet of clearance around here?) It was a $115 fine, so I went to City Hall to see what I could do about disputing it. They basically told me that I wouldn't be able to argue a convincing enough case, but as consolation, they knocked $50 off the fine for me. So there's that, I guess!

Cheryl brought home two cats! Their names are Gracie and Misty Blue. I haven't spent all that much time with them, but they're very sweet.

And the lock on our front door finally crapped out- while we were all on the wrong side of it, unfortunately! ^_^* But the lock's been replaced, and Angel and Cheryl were good enough to leave a key for me in the mailbox, so sweetness! Thanks, guys! ;) I'll have to drop you some cash for my share of that lock-swapping fee.

As for this weekend's plans: after work, Remy and I head to the airport and fly one-way to Pittsburgh. Saturday morning, we're packing up the rest of my stuff in the U-Haul I rented, and buying more stuff from Ikea, and then my mom's promised us Persian food in the evening. ^_^ We'll head out Sunday morning and drive back to Albany- and I'm going to want to speed the whole time, but won't be able to, heh.

Have a fun weekend, everyone! =)

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