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Prep Day

"Prep Day" means I basically get to study for whatever I'm teaching next- and that happens to be an advanced course in Access. I hear mixed things about it- some people say it isn't so bad, while there's an instructor here with more technical knowledge than I have who was afraid to take it, heh. So anyway, I'll be studying for that. The kinda neat thing is that it goes into some VBA programming- but unfortunately, it's programming that would be way over the students' heads, so I'll have to skim over that part a bit. But wow, actual programming- when was the last time I did that? =P

Anyway! Life is very good. I'm happy to be here, and I'm happy to be teaching- students seem to like me, which rocks. =) I had to stay at work late last night to help the new night instructor, but the rest of this week, I can go home at a more reasonable hour. Which will be nice, because for the last two weeks of March, I have to teach another night class in addition to my day classes. A bare bones "This is a computer" class. It'll add up to a nice big paycheck, but I have a feeling I'll be comatose come April, heh.

Otherwise, I found out that I can't format my iPod until I download SP2 for XP, and a newer version of iTunes. Which I'd gladly do, if only our apartment had access to the Internets! ^_^* They're supposed to set it up on Wednesday, so we'll see. Though with all the busy-ness with work and stuff, I really haven't had much time to sit down in front of a home PC, much less pine for Intarweb. So that's good. =)

The Tiger incarnation of Mac OSX is set to hit stores in mid-April. So I'm looking to buy a sleek 12" Powerbook around then-ish. ^_^ First, though, I'll be ordering a desk and bookcase from Ikea.

Hrm, maybe not ordering. Hell, I'm going to be in Pittsburgh again at the end of March, with a U-Haul, and Ikea's not ten minutes from my apartment there. If I wait 'til then and buy things from the store, I'd probably save myself an assload in shipping/handling... ::plots::

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