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So, holy crap, this is the first sustained amount of time I've had all week to sit down in front of LJ or my email. I haven't been trying to ignore anyone, I swear! ^_^*

This is because I've been assigned to teach night class Monday through Thursday this week, on top of day classes Monday through Wednesday. So yeah, I'm on my third fourteen-hour day in a row, heh. And only the first of which I've spent entirely at the teaching facility (the other two being away at a client site during the morning).

But, surprisingly, it hasn't been going too bad! Teaching intermediate Excel was kinda iffy yesterday, since I hadn't had time to prep and hardly knew what I was doing myself, hehe, but beginner PowerPoint and Word were easy as pie. My night class this week is Access, which also is going okay, though since I effectively have two-thirds the time I need to actually cover this material properly, I've had to skimp on a lot of the relational database theory, the understanding of which makes Access a lot easier to use. But these are people in the medical field, so chances are they aren't going to be serving as DBAs anytime soon (and if they are, I sure hope they won't be using Access).

Overall, I really do like this job. =) But it'll be nice to actually have a full evening free again! (C'mon Friday!)

Since I haven't gotten to report on it yet, last weekend was plentiful amounts of fun! I now have about 99% of my stuff moved out of my car- the remainder being little things like my keyboard stand and a bottle of laundry detergent. What can I say? I'm lazy. Anyway, Remy led me out to the Crossgates Mall and got me a birthday present- a 20GB iPod, w00t! ^_^ Unfortunately, I had trouble formatting it over the weekend, and haven't had a chance since to try again, but hopefully I'll be able to get to that this weekend. Anyway, we also went down to Kingston, and I got to meet Remy's family. Very nice people, we hit it off rather well I'd say. =) We also spent some time there with a few friends and an XBox. I got to play Halo 2 for the first time- of course I got wailed on, but I started getting the hang of it toward the end, hehe- and later we played this "racing" game that was really more about crashing your vehicle into oncoming traffic and causing the most amount of damage possible. Very spiffy, but my memory is unfortunately most un-spiffy at present, and the name of that game eludes me.

Sunday was lazy and relaxed as all hell. Very cool. =)

Winter needs to stop now plzkthx, and Dr. Who is awesome. That is all for now. I shall try to catch up on email.

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