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New Home!!

So here I am at my new home in Albany!

Well, lemme go through the weekend in its glorious entirety. On Friday, Krissy took me out for dinner at Primanti Brothers- an apropos setting for a Pittsburgh farewell party- and we were joined by our mutual friend Tracy and her sons Zack and Gage. Primanti's (pronounced "Permanee's" by the Yinzers) is known for its sandwiches ("sammiches") that are piled by default with coleslaw and French fries, but uh, we settled for pizza instead. Pizza, Coors for Krissy, Three Rivers Smash for me, and some billiards with the kids made for a very fun time. Even if Gage thought the chalk was for sharpening the cuestick. ; )

Remy flew in Friday evening, and on Saturday, we stopped by my mom's house for a short while before packing up my car and setting out for New York. Everything I'd wanted to move up this leg of the moving process did actually fit into my car, which was really cool. And praise be unto Remy- he not only packed the car really well, but he was also a fantastic traveling companion. Not that I had any doubts about that. ; ) The trip up went surprisingly fast- the only slow part being the bigass snowstorm in Syracuse, which was kinda scary, but eventually we outran it. Total trip time was eight hours, but could have been as few as six and a half if we hadn't hit that storm. Averaging 80-90 on the smooth sections of highway has that effect. =)

We had a really nice visit with Cheryl, Angel, and Sarah yesterday, it didn't snow overnight (yay!), and this morning, I drove Remy and myself to work. I'll be checking for the person who's supposed to be orientating me in a minute here- she wasn't at her cube last I looked. I don't teach today, but I'll be staying here into the evening, as I have a test to proctor that starts at 6:00.

Heh... even though I'm here and at work and all that, this still doesn't seem real. Remy and I have been marvelling at that all weekend. Reality may catch up with me sometime in April, perhaps. ; )

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