Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

Attack of the Clicheed Meme

Because Earthlink sucks, they're disconnecting my DSL today (as opposed to a few days from now when I won't miss it), and charging me $150 for the privilege. So, I'm harrassing everyone with the same damned meme you've seen in everyone else's journal, because for the time being, I still can.

Ten things I have done that you probably haven't:

1) Someone's Polish grandma asked to arrange a marriage between me and her grandson when I was an infant.
2) Had to convince a seventeen year-old that West Virginia was a state unto itself, not a part of Virginia (I was fourteen at the time).
3) Ripped a toenail clean off with my own two fingers. No blood. Grew back in fine.
4) Lost about ten pounds my freshman year of college- unintentionally.
5) Wrote my name on the last lingering section of the Berlin Wall.
6) Met the lady who played Zan on Farscape.
7) Went to grade/high school with Joe Mullen and Brian Trottier's kids. Was also in the same karate class as Brian Trottier himself. That means absolutely nothing to non-Penguins fans, heh.
8) Wrote a program that actually implemented RSA encryption- just with much, much smaller prime factors, heh.
9) Got my picture taken in the captain's chair on the bridge of the USS Enterprise.
10) Gave myself a tattoo.
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