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Those overnight life changes

So, gang, things during the past few days have been unbelivably chaotic, and yet unbelievably fantastic. I don't perscribe to a religion per se, and yet now I have to wonder if I don't have some patron deity who for whatever reason adores the hell out of me.

Or, it could be that whole thing about good things coming your way if you're brave enough to reach for them first. I don't know.

All I know is, I now have two awesome roommates (Angel and Cheryl) and an apartment in Albany just down the street from Remy's, and a preliminary offer for full-time employment at the firm where I was teaching last week, which is to be hammered out in coming days. =)

But if the teaching schedule I looked at holds, I'll be starting on the 28th. And we're allowed to move into the apartment on March 1st.

Holy. Fucking. SHIT! I couldn't be happier!! ^_^

I also can't believe that this means I have to be packed and out of here in less than two weeks!

I'll be heading up to Albany this weekend to visit, as I made those plans before I had any clue all this was going to fall into place so suddenly, heh! I'll have to give notice at work at some point when my teaching job is finalized. Then, next weekend, vamos. Remy, sweetheart that he is, is flying down to help me move out, and will be along on the 8-hour-odd drive to New York. I'm going to try and cram as much crap as possible in my car to live off of, hehe- I'd rather not rent a moving truck if I can help it.

Yeah, so... all of a sudden, all this stuff is happening. It's as fantastic as it is dizzying, heh! The reality of it has yet to hit. I don't think it will hit for a good long while, not even after I get to Albany and start working, heh. Pittsburgh's been home since I was four. It'll always be home, in a way, and I'll be happy to visit often. But I'm very excited at this chance to step out of my comfort zone, as lordjosh2004 has put it, and experience life a bit differently.

mqstout- let's meet up sometime soon, okay? And the weekend I leave, too, if possible. Maybe drag Alexis and/or Dave in on it as well? I'll save space for you guys in the backseat if you'd like to ride with! ; )

karenlynn00- get well soon!!

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