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Past few days

Albany was awesome. Just, awesome. The weather was great, and the company even better. Thanks everyone, for everything. You all rock, and I had a great time! =)

Remy, especially, rocks. Had to say it. ; )

It was definitely sad to see Remy go on Sunday- off to Harrisburg on business- while I remained at his place 'til Tuesday to give the teaching thing a whirl (also different to be on my own in a city that's still unfamiliar in some ways- remember folks, I didn't even leave the 'Burgh for college- but it went quite well). And oh gosh, the teaching went smashingly! Funny thing was, a year or two ago, I would've been all freaked out and nervous leading up to it, but I didn't get nervous at all. I also didn't need to review the material all that much- it was all stuff I either knew cold or could figure out after just a few discreet moments of fiddling, heh. The students seemed to like me, and I really liked being there to teach! No word on whether I'll be asked back for something more permanent, but a gal can dream!

Such a marked contrast, working there and then coming back to my current job today. A let-down. A true bummer, if you will. When I was teaching, I felt... appreciated. Alive. Like what I was doing actually mattered and made a real difference. All things I haven't experienced at work in a long time, and especially since we moved to the other location.

((note: I had four meetings to attend today. You know what one of the grand conclusions at the first of them was? That to be more productive, we need to arrange for more meetings. *facepalm*))

I remember wanting to get out of there the moment I heard about the move- back in September, which was some time before Albany was in the picture. I remember proclaiming in LJ that I wasn't going to stick around for it, that I'd find me a new job and be outta there first. I looked, and got nowhere. And now all I can think of is that line from Office Space where Peter predicts that he's going to get called in to work the weekend: "And I'm gonna end up doing it, 'cause I'm a big pussy."

Yeesh... I've come to notice that almost all the posting I do anymore is related to my Albanyian comings and goings. In some ways, I do feel like my life is there, and I just come to Pittsburgh for that paycheck, the one thing that really keeps me rooted here for the time being.

Do you think it'd be utterly stupid of me to quit and leave even though I don't have another job lined up? Or would it be one of those grand carpe diem, not-taking-this-shit-anymore, life-is-too-short, young-hearts-be-free-tonight pursuit of happiness things?

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