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Go me!

All kinds of coolness abounding this week! At work, I got selected in the monthly parking lottery. So instead of having to leave my car out in Homewood and shuttling over to work and back each day, I get to park in the visitors' lot right next to the building, where the CEO parks. Pretty sweet, eh? =) Only for the month of February, which is indeed the shortest month of the year, but hey, I'm not complaining!

Also, I'll be heading back to Albany this Friday, and I'm so looking forward to seeing Remy again, and visiting with James, Ellie, Angel, Cheryl, Sarah, Dennis, perhaps Jeremy and some other people I'm likely missing and apologize profusely for. =) Not only that, but I'll be staying there this coming Monday and Tuesday, 'cause at least on a small scale, my interview panned out. =)

So, what exactly will I be doing? Teaching courses on HTML and MS Word. Depending on how well it goes/how much of a demand for classes exists, they may bring me in for more. I'd probably be teaching these sorts of things for a while, but would eventually move on to teach programming languages. Plus, if I'm hired-hired, this company will help me get MS certifications! ^_^

Yes, I will be crossing fingers tremendously.

thedemonprist, I hope your interview went well!!

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