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Caffeinated randomness

First name: Minna
Last name: Bostaph (or Lunney)
Mom's maiden name: Rahimi
City of birth: Fayetteville, AK (holy shit yes, Arkansas!!)

Therefore, my Star Wars name is Minbo Rafay. Or Minlu Rafay when I can get my last name back, hehe (which I will work toward once the divorce is finalized). I think in the SW universe, I'd just go by Miss Rafay.

I found the theme song to Schnappi das kleine Krokodil. Only in Germany, people. Only in Germany would an adorable childrens' show theme song hit #1 in the charts.

That said, I'd kill for some torrents for this show.

...to practice my German, of course. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Actually, kiddie shows are perfect for practicing German. Everyone talks slow and enunciates clearly. This is why I felt so damn smart watching German Sailor Moon dubs when I was in Leverkusen.

I'd better shut up now before I do any further damage to my reputation.
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