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Home Again

The sky shat liberal quantities of powdery whiteness all over the Northeast on Saturday- leading to a cancellation of my return flight to Pittsburgh Sunday evening! So I got to spend some extra time with Remy, Sarah, and Dennis, and got to meet Angel and Cheryl (who dug out my rental car- thanks again! =) ), all of which was a lot of fun. Then I dropped Remy off at the Greyhound station- unfortunately, he had to head out to Syracuse for the week. His Sunday night train was cancelled, but Greyhound was still running a few buses that evening.

I, however, couldn't fly out 'til Monday morning. Finally got to my apartment at around 2:00 today, after my flight was delayed for several hours. But! I didn't get lost driving to the airport, I had books that made the time pass surprisingly quickly, and my ION barely had any snow/ice on it and kicked the crap out of whatever snow lay in its wake on the drive home (I appreciate my car so much more after driving that Aveo, lol!). The only real bit of suckage is, I had to use a vacation day, 'cause arriving at the office at 2:30... ehh... prolly not going to be considered even a half-day on the most optimistic of scales. I just came straight home, turned up the heat, took a shower, and started putting a dent in my laundry. I have a business analyst deadline this Friday that I'm going to be hard-pressed to make, but I should be able to pull it off under the wire.

I wonder what I'm supposed to be doing during the month and a half or more between my BA and QA tasks, when the developers are actually coding all the software fixes? Hmm...

Didn't watch any of the Steelers game, but wasn't terribly surprised by the outcome.

Insert another slightly random thought here.

Time to head out and put gas in my car. Spending all weekend in negative Fahrenheit weather sure makes 'Burgh weather seem warm by comparison! ;)

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