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Squee! Part Zwei

So, here I am in Albany- and quite unsurprisingly, I'm having a great time! My interview went really well, so with any luck, I'll at least have a contractor gig to look forward to in the near future. I'm really hoping for full-time, but at this point, I'd be happy with contract work. For one, it pays about double what I'm making now, so even if I work half as often this way, I'd be quite well off. For another- well, I'm pretty eager to get my arse out of Pittsburgh at this point. About the only things I will miss in the 'Burgh are a) slightly warmer weather (not by much) and b) hanging out with Daryl and Dave. But hey, Daryl's a native western NYer, I'm pretty sure I could drag him to the other side of the state at least for visits now and then, right? Right? ;) As for Dave, feh- if he can afford to go to Pascadena every year for the huge Trekkie convention, he can swing airfare to Albany ;)

Yeah, my job at home is getting pretty unbearable anymore. I work in this frigid, windowless basement in the scary-ass ghetto far far away from my apartment, doing stuff I'm not interested in doing. I'm starting to lose any and all sense of work ethic, which, for a normally conscientious person like myself, is very troubling. It's gotten to the point where, horrible as it is to admit, I'm just hoping someone comes by with a pink slip. Probably not going to happen, though, since they're pretty short-staffed. High turnover and such- what a surprise! *shrug*

Anyway, I'm happily in Albany now, so I will be concentrating on happier things. Last night I met Remy's friend James, who is quite quirky and fun. And he looks remarkably like lordjosh2004- seriously dude, standing next to each other, people would probably think you were brothers! Also watched Garden State, which I enjoyed. =) After breakfast at Dunkin Donuts today, I took Remy to his company meeting in Scotia, which was about a half-hour away. I got a rental car for the weekend, you see- a Chevy Aveo, only about 200 miles on it, so it isn't quite shit yet- and though I have gotten lost a couple of times, I've been doing rather well for myself. I was perfectly fine heading out to Scotia, as Remy was there to navigate, but on the way back, Mapquest lied its ass off and I had to improvise and stop at a Mobil for guidance. I could have done a lot worse, though, hehe. I also got hopelessly lost on the way to my interview yesterday- this isn't the best of trends ;) But with any luck, I won't get lost going back to Scotia this evening, since I just had that driving experience. I've graciously been invited to the dinner following the meeting, but said dinner may get canceled due to the snow. We'll see, I suppose!

Sarah and Dennis are on their way over to visit with me, which is mighty cool of them. I look forward to seeing them again. =)

Oh, and Mom, Ray, and Krissy are in Vegas right now. Join me in hoping that one of them hits it big (and cuts me in for some, heh heh)!

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