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I have sound again! But oh %&$@, no MP3s?

Daryl and Dave were good enough to come over this evening and help with the great (and dusty) HDD swapout. Things kinda got off on the wrong foot, as a communication error resulted in my existing hard drive getting formatted. Yup, totally wiped clean. Well, I have some ZIP disks lying around with backups I made several months ago, but all the recent stuff I hadn't backed is gone- including many MP3s, artwork/music I was working on, saved games, emulators/roms, things like that. Fortunately, my stories are safe- those are the only things I'd really be worried about. I bounce the ones I'm working on between home and work computers frequently, so there are always copies sitting in my email. And even the stuff I didn't work on regularly, I routinely backed up. So all in all, I'm not distressed about this.

A few other weird things ended up happening, though. For one, Windows 2000 refused to find any partitions on the new drive, so XP wormed its way on instead. XP decided that my ZIP drive was going to be C:\ and my hard drive was going to be E:\, so that's how it still is (though Daryl changed the ZIP drive to the much more intuitive Z:\). And at first, sound was still disabled, but that thankfully was resolved. Now I just have to go re-download those nifty Star Trek computer event sounds I had attached to everything, heh... ; )

Yes, much of my time over the next few days will be spent recovering what was lost and reinstalling stuff. Probably better that it happened this way- I tend to be a packrat when it comes to stuff I store on the computer, heh. Fortunately, Daryl was able to provide me with ZoneAlarm and NAV2002, which kept nastiness at bay while we updated NAV and XP (no SP2 for me though, heh!). I've also switched from Mozilla to Firefox, and am enjoying it.

I'll get a little more security here in not too much longer, too- 'cause Remy ordered me a router. He is awesome like that. =)

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