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In the mood for a good cry?

There was a Secret Santa at work this week, 'cause one of the participants had to be out of town the whole month of December. The lady whose name I drew also drew my name, so we traded presents today. I'd gotten her a gift card to Barnes and Noble, not really knowing what-all she likes, and I figured everyone could use another good book to read. However, my affinity for animation's pretty well-known by everyone here- only takes one trip to my poster-bedecked cubicle to obtain a clue, heh- so she ended up getting me the new Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no Haka) DVD. Sweetness! I already have two copies of the movie, lol, but one's VHS/dubbed and the other's DVD/Engrish subtitles that leave the screen too quickly. This DVD lets you watch either a dub or a sub that promises to be much better written/timed (yay subs!), plus it's got all the requisite extra features that I don't generally pay attention to, but still consider neat on occasion.

But oh my god, it is the saddest movie ever. I also own the soundtrack, and just listening to the music is enough to get me crying sometimes. I'd like for everybody who thinks war is a good idea to watch this one.

I might drag out my viola in a minute here to play some of the theme music. If I do, I know I'm going to lose it, and yet I still feel like I want to.

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