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Yay 2005! But RIP HDD

The new year has been fantastic so far, though I am sad to see Remy off. We had an awesome visit! He's en route to Harrisburg at present, and I'm hoping he managed to get in touch with somebody concerning his hotel reservation. They never forwarded him that info, oddly enough...

Unfortunately, my hard drive has shat itself and is on the brink of death. (This is the third HDD that has failed in this apartment in four months- kinda scary when you think about it.) Looks like a sector that was holding a useful registry file went bad- and for some reason, I don't have a Win2K install disc lying around. But that'd only be a temporary fix, most likely- I think this poor fellow's ready to be put out to pasture after four-plus years of dedicated service. Most thankfully, Remy was able to grab a copy of KNOPPIX for me to use 'til the new hard drive I ordered comes in (80 GB as opposed to the 40 GB I have now, which is pretty cool). So I still have intarweb and AIM, and am forced to learn a little about Linux. Actually, a good deal all around. =)

Well, I do miss my games- specifically, Evil Genius, which Remy got me for Xmas. Very cool game indeed! It's a lot like Dungeon Keeper, only your persona is more a Dr. Evil type (and is actually a controllable character as opposed to a Thing-like hand that you control with the mouse). You build a secret underground lair, then set up traps and hire henchmen to defend it from James Bond-types while sending your own agents around the world to steal and commit atrocities. Doesn't that just reek of wholesome family fun? >=)

Since I can't game, I'll probably be turning more attention to simming, books, writing, and music. I'm also almost through with the monstrous cross-stitch pattern I started two years ago (back-stitching the details now, woohoo!), and my mom got me some neat fuzzy yarn and knitting needles. Originally an Xmas present idea for Krissy, but then Mom asked if I wanted to give it a whirl, and I said sure. Krissy and I know it's really more for her than anything, lol! She's always asking Krissy if she needs help; doubt it'll be any different for me when I head over to her house this afternoon to watch football ;) Anyway, I plan to make a nifty scarf. I do already have a scarf, but it is decidedly not-nifty.

Also, must cancel cable subscription. My intro rate went bye-bye, and I'm now being socked with the regular monthly fee. I'll be walking funny after I write out the check for this month, yeesh. I wasn't the one who watched much on cable, anyway. Aside from Court TV forensic shit, but that's more something I turn on for background noise while I'm stitching than anything else. I have more VHS tapes of cartoons and MST3K and Star Trek TOS than I care to think about- stuff that I taped during high school, and would watch when I got home every afternoon. Think I'll watch those instead. =)

Back to computers! My long-term goal is to save up for a PowerBook. Macs are too awesome anymore. I'll still keep my Windows box, of course, though I'll look for a newer graphics card when I can. Still happy with its processor (AMD Athlon 1 GHz) and sound card (SoundBlaster Live! Value). Unfortunately, my antequated motherboard can't accept 512 MB RAM chips, so at the 768 MB I've jury-rigged it to, that's about as high as RAM's going to get. Workable for the games I have- if I get more games in the future, I'll look for Mac-compatible versions.

'Kay- better start getting ready to head to Mom's. This game is completely inconsequential to the Steelers, but it gives us family folk something to do on Sunday. Plus, Mom's making Persian food, and I'll probably get to snag some leftovers for the rest of the week. =9

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