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Holy daze, Batman

Spent Xmas Eve and most of Xmas Day with Mom, Ray, and Krissy, which went about as smoothly as one can expect these things to go. In a break from tradition, we opened our presents on the 25th as opposed to midnight on the 24th- I don't think anyone even stayed up 'til midnight, heh. Movies were rented and watched- nothing I would've picked, though. The Day After Tomorrow was okay, but unsatisfying, while Intolerable Cruelty? Well, you gotta give 'em credit for the accurate title, that's all I'll say about that.

For the holiday, I got a nice wool/cashmere peacoat (actually got it about a week ago- it's Mom's habit to take me out shopping close to a special occasion, buy something I show an interest in, and declare, "That's your birthday/Xmas/whatever present. Pretend you're surprised when you open it, okay?" Yes, this is how surprises work in the Lunney household, but I don't do that at least!), a couple of sweaters, fuzzy winter jammies, some neat jewelry (including a pair of long, dangly, weighty earrings- the likes of which I haven't worn in years, so I'm excited), and a big gift card to the mall close to Mom's house. I plan to use that on a digital camera.

So, I may not have a magnet on my car or know the words to those ultra-patriotic country anthems, but I found a small way to support the troops by going here: https://www.uso.org/donate/default.cfm?action=donate.step1 The donation I made will provide four soldiers with phone cards. Since the telephone has been important to me lately in keeping connected with friends and loved ones, I thought it'd be cool to pass that privilege on to some guys and gals who really need and deserve it. Though if it were up to me, they'd all be home right now and wouldn't have been over there to begin with.

This week's lineup: in about an hour, I'm going back to Mom's for the Steelers game. I work for most of the week except for Friday, and on Tuesday, Remy's dropping by the 'Burgh for a visit. I look forward to being a "Pathfinder" of sorts for the city (at Pitt, the Pathfinders were the people in blue and yellow striped shirts that led all the campus tours. If you were on one of those tours, and happened to see a cute brunette with a green backpack screaming "RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!"... well um, don't rat on me, all right? >;) I kid. I never did that- though I sure wanted to).

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