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Stuff of the random rambly variety!

I live! Amazing!

Today is my sister Krissy's 21st birthday. And since she's a football nut and the Steelers were playing, we went to Butya's (a restaurant/sports bar close to my place) with Mom and Ray for the familial portion of her celebrating. It was nice- but we got there insanely early, expecting that we'd need to get a table early because it'd get crowded, and no crowd showed, heh. So we had a few hours to kill before game time, but it went decently fast. Really good food there, too- tons of it, and cheap. We stayed for half of the game, as Krissy wanted to get out to see her boyfriend and the Steelers hadn't really shown up to play today anyway. Watched the remainder of the game at home. They won, but they didn't look good at all.

Hmm. Why is it that I consistently receive Christmas cards from Jimmy Carter?

Otherwise, I have my shopping and 90% of my wrapping done, and the online-procured stuff has all shipped in, so yay! But still- seems like every year, I have less and less anticipation for Christmas. It sneaks up on me, and I'm like, *shrug* "Oh." This year, I'm simply apathetic. A feeling of dread will probably kick in in another few years, I'm guessing. It might have already, if I'd been stuck working retail again. Gah, the same goddamn Christmas music CD eight hours a day for six weeks... it's not pretty, people.

I must ask myself: do all these recording artists really think they've come up with a version of these tired old songs so special that it warrants the production of another album of tired old songs? Oh, but listen to me. Have I forgotten my marketing coursework already?

I've been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while now. A notion in the back of my head that I've played with for about two or three years- even longer really, 'cause I used to like drawing on myself with a Sharpie back in high school and occasionally in college. I've even had an idea of what I wanted for a while: an Eye of Horus somewhere on my back. In ancient Egypt, it was common to wear Eye pendants that hung down your back- the idea being that the eye would keep a look-out behind you and protect you from maliciousness that you might not be able to catch yourself.

So, the tattoo I'm thinking of would be a small (no bigger than an inch), simple Eye of Horus at the base of my neck or just a little lower. A third eye: heightened awareness. Kind of a symbol of my desire and commitment to being extra watchful so that I never again make the same sorts of mistakes I've made. Still not sure if I'll do it or not, but the fact that the idea lingers in my head this persistently might be significant. Thoughts?

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