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We now have six new computers sitting in our front foyer. Not "new" ones, just new to us. Three Pentium IIs, two Pentium IIIs, and a Celeron. They are machines owned by Jeff's uncle, who wants us to restore one of each (three total) to good working order, meaning Nick and I can cannibalize the others in order to make that happen. But I'm hoping we won't have to- why? Because Jeff's uncle only wants those three machines back. We're allowed to keep the others. And if we get one of the keepers in decent working order, Nick promised I could make it a Linux box- and he even said he'd give Linux a whirl himself every so often, which was surprising but not unwelcome. =)

Assuming the best case scenario- that we get three working machines out of this- it'll bring our computer total to eight and a half. As it is, we have four towers running all the time, another tower that's been partially cannibalized and isn't running (hence the half), and Nick's cheapass laptop that's still Sasser-ed (now that we have a working CD burner, I really should make a CD of the fix and go, um, fix it). I don't think all three of the new ones would end up in perpetual use, just the Linux one for sure. We only have four monitors, though- there might be some finnagling involved, especially since we don't have desk space for another monitor, heh. One of them might end up in our living room. As it is, we have only my little 13" dorm room TV in there. 'Twould be nice to have a DVD/CD player in a room with a couch again ;)

Argh- I shouldn't be making plans for computers we might not have yet, heh...

Football again at Mom's house today; it's become a ritual. I wonder what we'll do for family bonding once the season's over? ;) Oh yes, and Thanksgiving is forthcoming... nowadays I tend to associate major holidays with my past in working holiday retail (the flashbacks! *shudder*), and the neverending struggle to spend enough time at Mom's and at my in-laws' so that neither side complains that I spent too much time with the other. That's so pessimistic, and I should try to see things differently, but right now I'm kinda too tired to revamp any major life outlooks. Soon, though. Soon.

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