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Es macht kein Sinn!

I'm becoming quite sick of Nextel. I mean, I don't get it. Several months ago, some schmuck off the street was able to call them and have my account info changed so they could hijack my phone number for all kinds of mad calling. When I call customer service, they still only ask for my account password maybe 30% of the time. Now, I log into their secure site to pay my bill- but I'm not authorized to view the "Pay Bill" page. Please contact the account administrator.

What, don't you want your money? Damn it, I'll have to send a check, and I already went through the packet of crap they give me every month and tore up the return envelope. Would a regular envelope throw them off, you think? No, wait, I can already answer that one. Jagoffs.

So, went and saw "The Incredibles" last night. AWESOME. I honestly don't know how it's being billed as a kid's movie, but there it is. First film I've seen in the theaters since ROTK, highly recommended.

Also, I finally got to donate blood on Thursday, after years of getting turned away for a low iron count. Decided to do it on a whim- I was in the hospital cafeteria to have lunch anyway, and the sign was there, and I said to myself, "Ah, why not?" So, maybe this proves that I'm not perpetually anemic, as I've been told- or maybe they let me slide 'cause they're desperate. At any rate, I was on friggin' Cloud 9 afterward! It felt like what a big jolt of caffeine after being awake for 72 hours straight must feel like. You're giddy, but you aren't all there. I had to run back to work for a meeting afterward that I ended up giggling inanely at, several times, and nothing all that particularly funny was going on. No ill effects, thankfully, though I did almost pass out that evening when I jumped to my feet too quick at one point, heh. It was fun, though. I'd do it again. Hope they can use that pint of A-negative. =)

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