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Um, linguisty stuff

First off, thank you lsduncan, for being so generous and an overall awesome person. I owe you music or some DVDs- want me to send you a list you can pick from or something? ;)

And now that I have your attention, some stuff you and mqstout would most likely appreciate, hehe:

I've been looking up a lot of Farsi lately- a few awesome people know why ;) Anyway, while looking some stuff up, I notice that a lot of the words I took for granted as known are actually spelled/pronounced differently than I was taught. I wonder if that means my mom (my teacher, more or less) speaks a Farsi dialect, or if she taught me slang? She grew up in Tehran; I dunno what significance that holds.

Anyway, here are some of the differences I've found- mostly a corruption of consonants that sound alike, so maybe I'm just deaf and haven't been listening to Mom carefully all these years, lol. But anyway:

Mom's Pronunciation Formal Pronunciation Meaning (for the curious)
ashang ghashang Pretty
befarmoyeen befarmoyeed Please, by all means
shambeh shanbeh Saturday (also used to form other days of the week)
khoshkel khoshgel Beautiful
dokhdar dokhtar Girl, Daughter
var va And
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