Miusheri (miusheri) wrote,

omfg MORE?!

Yes, more wedding pics! These are some from the photographer:

Ceremony Nick has that look on his face whenever he's trying to pull a fast one on somebody. Hmm...

This one is too awesome XD

LJ and real-life friends: lordjosh2004, miusheri, and mqstout!

Me and some flowers

Pitt friends! Left to right: Andy, his girlfriend Theresa, Milord Josh, Marquis Daryl, and Dave, my former Roman Civ prof.

More Pitt friends! Left to right: Angela, her boyfriend Keith, Mihoko, and Misako (Miho's sister, who was visiting from Japan that week, woohoo!)

One of the Mt. Washington observation decks- a lovely view of the Pittsburgh skyline.

More city skyline, only at night They got to Nick just in time before he hurled me down the mountain. Phew!

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