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Shimatta! Gamera, save us from this terrible fate!

I finally had everything I needed to attempt to make yakiudon, so I went at it this evening. The verdict: edible, but not great. Not even close to how well Mihoko makes it. And it took like half an hour just to chop vegetables, 'cause the onion really got me crying this evening! But I suppose such things require a ton of practice... and a timely phone call. "Miho! Quick! What do I do now?" ;)

Kinda sucks that I can only go by my own opinion on these things, which admittedly is probably more critical than anyone else's. Nick's too picky of an eater to try anything I make, though. I'm lucky if the smell of whatever it is doesn't drive him out of the apartment, lol.

What I really need to do is make unagi. Just cook some rice for it, chop it up, throw it in the microwave, a little unagitare (sauce) over everything- voila! Alas, that requires a trek out to the Tokyo store in Shadyside, and I don't know how to get there.

I voted in my second-ever election early this morning, waiting around in a rather long line 'cause the township apparently can't afford more than three voting machines, and I met my mom for lunch down near PNC Park later in the day. We sat by the bank of the Allegheny River to eat, and it was surprisingly nice out, if a bit windy. I will so miss working at Allegheny Center.

Dave (my former Roman Civ professor at Pitt) is stopping by for a visit tomorrow evening, which should prove fun. We haven't seen him since the wedding, so he hasn't yet seen the apartment. I haven't shown this place off to enough people to be tired of doing it yet. ^_^

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