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Wasn't expecting this...

Steelers Emphatically Stop Pats' Streak

And the only reason it happened was that I neither attended nor watched one second of the game (the game was on later than I'd thought, so I inadvertently made plans right through it). So you have me either to worship or villefy. Thank you, I'll be here all week.

This marks the first Halloween in ages in which I did nothing holiday-related. Instead, mqstout came over, and we had a nice visit. I made him play Warcraft 3 for me, since I wanted to see what kind of strategy more veteran players employed, and I learned that if I play against him or the CPU in a skirmish anytime soon, I'm in deep shit. I'm just not fast enough and I haven't learned all the hotkeys yet. We tried going out for Indian food, but we couldn't find the friggin' restaurant, so off to Steak 'n Shake we went, which was cool 'cause I'd never been there, and the coffee mocha milkshake was sorely needed. We also went to Kohl's for a spell and watched another episode of Firefly. Must... acquire... box... set...

Tried to go grocery shopping after dropping Daryl off at the bus stop- needed some distraction at the time- but it turned out that all the fire trucks and police cars we'd been seeing while awaiting the bus had converged right in front of the Giant Eagle. I assumed they weren't open for business, and just got gas and headed home. Damn it, we're out of everything, too.

I have my follow-up dentist appointment tomorrow, after work. Only after buying my milkshake this evening did I realize that I probably shouldn't be sucking on straws just yet, but I'm feeling pretty good still. Might pop a few Advil before bed, though. Ah, speaking of bed (and extra sleep)- was not the extra hour this morning the greatest present ever? I would never have remembered it if my computer's system timer hadn't reset itself, heh.

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