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I think my lap got more coffee than I did this morning. Anyway, corporate-sanctioned dress-up day at work tomorrow! =) I'll be wearing my early TNG-era Starfleet uniform, as that's the most "tasteful" getup I have on short notice. As for Halloween proper, they say it's supposed to be nice out, so I may break out the Tomb Raider gear.

I was invited to the Steelers/Pats game, but I'm not going. Sorry, but Halloween is just too sacred, and I seriously doubt the Steelers are going be the ones to snap the winning streak. Besides, Nick wasn't invited, and do I really wanna be going with my family? ^_^*

What sucks is that, according to neighbors, kids apparently don't come around to trick-or-treat at our complex. Nick was hoping to go all-out decorating our foyer, too, and we both like surprising kids with full-size candy bars. I'm not sure what we'll end up doing that evening. Anyone else not have plans?


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