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Yes, now I know I'm in the wrong profession. I need to be an oral surgeon so I can charge $75 for five minute appointments in which I tell someone stuff they already know. =P

The wisdom teeth are coming out sometime in the near future, but first I'll need to arrange for a day off work and for someone to drive me back home once I'm done. They want to put me under for it- which I really don't like. First off, this general anesthesia is making up about 60% of the total cost of the surgery. Secondly, I'd be perfectly happy with- in fact, I'd prefer- a couple shots of novocaine. That's how my other two wisdom teeth came out, and everything was just hunky-dory. I don't know why, but I would actually feel more comfortable if I was awake for the whole thing. And seeing how absolutely whacked out Nick was after he went through this a few months ago... I dunno, that's not an experience in which I care to partake. Being hounded for the rest of my life about whatever crazy shit comes out of my mouth aside, I'm nervous about not being "with it" or in control of myself.

Visit at home last night was about as expected- I spoke a total of five words to my mom and Ray and didn't see Krissy all night, lol. But apparently, Tootsie had missed me. That cat was all love and affection, very unlike her. ;) I didn't get to play any piano 'til about five minutes before I rushed out the door this morning- the room with the piano's also the TV room after all, and we can't interrupt Survivor or whatever the hell it is this week, can we? =P But I did finally get some of my mom's pictures from the wedding, so I plan to do a bit of scanning this weekend. And I also got a call from t3knomanser, which was very, very cool! ^_^ The thing is, though, no matter how much I tell myself not to beforehand, I become very nervous and self-conscious talking with/meeting someone for the first time. It just gets worse and worse as I start noticing it, so I'm not sure I truly left the ideal first impression. But if we keep talking, chances are I'll mellow out a bit. I'm sure people who know me IRL can attest to me being one of those uber-shy/nervous types until the ice thaws and breaks. ;)

And even then, I have this tendency to apologize excessively. About everything. Probably some artifact from my upbringing- sorry, I really need to work on that. Argh, see?

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