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Seizing Mary Sue by her shimmery golden locks

A SILVER Dragon Lies Beneath!

My inner dragon color is SILVER. Click here to try the Quiz!

My inner dragon is to dragons what the Ranger is to humans. I possess considerable intelligence and self-confidence. I live by my own code of ethics and I stick to it at all times. Click the image to try the Inner Dragon Online Quiz for yourself.

Yay! Silver dragons are spiffy! =)

I've been in this weird stint lately where I can't go to bed 'til 4:00 AM or later. And I've been in the mood to survey my early fanfiction career. Not to brag, but I must say there's been some definite improvement since I first started out. Every early attempt of mine in every universe (well, except for Tomb Raider) was a vehicle for a new Mary Sue, LOL. Not Divine-Champion-Of-All-Things Mary Sues, thank God, but the Cuddle-With-The-Favorite-Character type. For some reason, the Sues just wanted to be close to their love interests. No sex (Me? Write a sex scene? *snort* I can't even say those words out loud), just cute puppy love closeness. Weirdness.

God no, you can't read them! They're disgracing my own personal Hall of Shame, thankyouverymuch.

For whatever reason, however, Mary Sue left the building when I started writing ThunderCats 'fics some five-odd years ago. I guess I was too afraid to throw in an original character. Don't ask me what I was smoking, but back then I felt that my TCat 'fics had to have the same look and feel as the show. Thank God for the influence of Demonprist, Lady Bast, Cheezey, and all the other fandom greats for giving me the WTF wake-up calls that brought me out of that funk!

< **shameless plug alert** >
Home Sweet Home (2000) was my first attempt at reform, and the first story I felt brave enough to share on a fanwide basis. I still think it's the best story I ever finished; since then I've been trying to recapture that same... whatever it was that made the words pour out onto the paper like liquid gold and not turn out to be babbly, awkward incoherence afterward, hehe.
< /shameless plug alert >

The only thing that sucks about being a veteran 'fic writer is trying to make the transition to writing an original universe- which, since I'd really like to be a published author one of these days, is something I need to learn to do. It's easy enough to come up with said universe and to populate it with characters, but there's so much you have to establish to the reader without cramming it down his throat in paragraph after paragraph of boring exposition. With fanfic, you can assume the audience already has an idea of who the characters are, what motivates them, and what's going on in their world. You can just launch right into the story; no one needs to be told that Cheetara can run fast 'cause she's from the cheetah clan of Thundera, etc. I need to wean myself off that comfort... my early attempts thus far haven't quite gotten off the ground, but I think I'm improving with each successive attempt (Crap, I hope I haven't jinxed any of the future ones by saying that...).

And I've also gotten back into the mood to draw, finally! But I ask you, why is it that drawings that start at the edge of the paper or in a lined notebook are the ones that really take off? Someday I'll scan my "fringe art" to give you an idea of what I mean... I've got scads of examples from my high school and college notebooks, heh heh.

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