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Now you're all in big trouble!

Yay! I think I'm finally figuring out how to tweak things to do my bidding around here. Thanks for the referral, Demonprist! =)

This being my first posting, I guess I should explain myself, hehe. My name is Minna, I live just south of Pittsburgh, and I'm a 21 year-old college student majoring in computer science and business admin. I also work part-time- at a store that sells nothing but socks and hosiery. For whatever reason, people get a perverse kick out of this. "So, Minna, sell any SOCKS today? Huh-*huh*!" ::nudgenudge:: Sheesh, you'd think I worked in a store that sold nothing but thong underwear (and as far as I know, girls who work at Vickie's Secret don't put up with nearly this level of stupidity).

Anyway, yeah. I don't own a car or a cell phone, I still live with my mom and, starting this year, will commute to school via public transportation. My younger sister, Krissy, has her own car and full-time job, but I try not to think about that too much. (Props to Krissy, she's a good sis- most of the time! ; ) Kidding!) I am, however, engaged to be married to a swell guy named Nicholas, whom I really love a lot. We've been engaged for nearly two years and are getting married in 2004, once I'm out of school and have a degree in my hand. ::knocks on wood::

Let's get through the demographics quickly, shall we? Brown hair/eyes, half Iranian, no pets (I love kitties but I'm not allowed to have one), non-smoker, Trekker, Tomb Raider, RPGer, Egyptophile, Libertarian, Deist, cartoon addict ('specially ThunderCats), Planetary Society member, amateur astronomer, likes reading, writing, dancing, eating, languages, science, history, video games, and drawing. *phew* I think that about does it. ^_^

So, you made it this far... well... I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July weekend! On Friday I was over at Nick's house with Krissy, Nick's best friend Jeff, and another mutual friend Jay to light off fireworks. It was quite a show! For the most part everything lit off perfectly- except for a festival ball that exploded only a few feet off the ground, and Jeff's "Apple Bomb"- an M-88 nestled lovingly within a Red Delicious- which didn't quite have the desired effect. Oh well, I had a great time watching the fireworks and chasing around fireflies in between. =)

On both Saturday and Sunday, I had to work at the store down at Station Square, a mall downtown right next to one of the rivers (I forget which one... there's three to choose from ^_^*) that used to be a train station, way back when. Usually I work at a mall only about ten minutes from my house, but my boss had a scheduling emergency and needed me to work downtown instead. I won't lie to you, I don't like working at Station Square. It's a neat enough mall, but it's a one-hour commute for me each way, and a lot of the people who shop there seem to have difficulty grasping the concept of being considerate. I mean, when I go into stores and pick something up that I later decide I don't want, I PUT IT BACK EXACTLY WHERE I FRIGGIN' FOUND IT. Why is this so hard for people to do? It seemed like every five minutes I had to reorganize the entire store! This isn't much of a problem at the store where I normally work. That mall has a reputation for its stores being artsy-fartsy and overly priced, so very few people go there (unless they're there for a movie, Chinese food, or Panera). Some days I'll seriously only see two or three people walk into the store during my shift, much less buy anything. *shrug*

The other really vexing thing about Station Square? The damn train rides. See, there's a little "train" and a little "train station" that parents can fork out $1 for each of their kids to ride, and it makes a lap around the mall (and it's not that big of a mall, folks). During a given shift, this freaking train goes by the store at least a dozen times. Each time, the conductor (obviously someone making minimum wage who probably hates him/herself for doing it) makes the train go *DING-DING!* and *WHOO-WHOO!* and all the little kids scream and wave. It. Is. So. Very. Annoying. And what's worse is if you're actually trying to walk around the mall when that train comes by. You either duck into a store or risk getting plowed down. Hmm, that's probably why they instituted the whole thing. Too bad it's not the Circus Train of ThunderCat lore. I wouldn't mind running out and pressing the TOFV (Take Off For Venus) button while the conductor is busy wrestling his hat back from one kid as another decorates his hair with bubble gum.

Well, this has been a lovely first excursion into the intracacies of LiveJournal. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me- er... well, I hope you come back and see what other crap I have to spout later, hehe! =) For now, I'm gonna go try and force myself to exercise.

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