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Weekend Update

Here's hoping my Pittsburgh friends didn't wind up in any serious trouble on Friday! The remnants of Ivan sure kicked our asses- enough so that King Bush declared us a disaster area per royal decree. It rained really hard, all day long, and the ground just wasn't absorbing it. Some companies let their workers go home early. Mine didn't- I left anyway, though, since I'd gotten there so early that morning. Took me an hour and a half to get home after having to figure a new way to get there thanks to road closings, and I was one of the lucky ones (good thing I don't rely on pubtran anymore- they shut it down completely; someone I know didn't find a way home 'til 11:00 that night). Mom, unfortunately, wasn't so lucky- her basement got flooded. And it's a finished basement, too, so a lot of furniture was damaged and the carpet will definitely need replaced. I don't think she has flood insurance, either. Does it not suck that you have to buy flood insurance separately?

Our apartment was okay- thank goodness for living on a hill. And we finally have DSL, woohoo! =D

The rest of the weekend was beautiful, though. Took Nick to the Mall at Robinson on Saturday, since he'd never been there. Bought a lot of neat kitcheny stuff, but had a little incident at one of those free-floating kiosks with the pushy salespeople. One of them accosted us as we were walking past- and being the unassertive mouse I am (I feel bad telling people off, even if they deserve it), I let it continue. What they were selling was actually pretty neat, even though I'd never personally invest in it: a nail polishing kit that keeps your nails smooth and shiny for months at a time, or so they claim. Their gimmick was to take one of your thumbnails and buff it for you, so you could see how well their product worked. Well, I must say it worked beautifully- my thumbnail's still shiny. Unfortunately, the saleslady went a little wild with her buffer and took off a good chunk of skin below my nail in the process!

I was just sitting there with this increasingly awful burning sensation as she methodically stripped away layer after layer of skin with each back-and-forth stroke of the buffer, and I was desperately trying to tell her it hurt, but she was too busy telling me about the product benefits, and she had my thumb in as close to a headlock as you can come to on a thumb. Were I more assertive, I may have just yanked my hand back, but alas, I am not, and goddamnit, it hurt then and looks terrible now.

Needless to say, I didn't buy the shit. Like I said, I wouldn't have bought it regardless- my nails are not and have never been a priority. I'd rather have that $70 for a video game or some clothes or something.

Sunday rocked, too. Well, except for the Steelers game (at least the commercials held some entertainment value). Nick and I played a good bit of Age of Mythology, and managed to win on a team with one computer ally versus two computer teams of three players each, all set to Moderate. I'm rather proud of that. Two months ago, we would've gotten trounced. We also returned all the sofreh-ye aqd (Iranian wedding table) stuff we borrowed from one of my mom's friends. Really nice lady- lives in a gorgeous house and made us eat chocolate cake and everything. =9

I also did something rather stupid, and made a pot of coffee around 9:30 PM. Was insanely bouncy the rest of the evening; went to bed at 1:00 and got maybe three or four hours of sleep (generous estimate). Oh hell, it was fun at the time. And I think I'm still riding some of that caffeine highness. At least I hope so- I'm coffeeless this morning!

Life is so, so awesome right now. Being married rocks. =)

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