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Got a nice email this morning from my cousin Arya in Iran, which has boosted my spirits. =) The family there is doing well, and for that I am grateful (still haven't met most of them, unfortunately). I invited Arya to Gmail, as he is currently using Yahoo. I figure it's the least I can do, what with Mom leaving next week to visit them all in Tehran ;) I kid, I kid...

Things at the apartment are shaping up, though Ray's stuff is still strewn about the floor. Have to try to gather it all up and take it back Friday night- Mom's having a garage sale Saturday. Anyway, we moved my old bed in so we could have a queen mattress again. We also have three of our four computers reliably networked, but only two are in commission. The other ones would be, but one's SCSI drive died and the other's video card died, so we're awaiting the replacements that are being shipped in. However, Jeff was nice enough to leave his computer with us in the interim for LAN-esque goodness. Nick also wants to repaint the entire place. The walls are a nebulous color; you can't determine exactly what it is under any type of lighting. Our best guess is that it's a very pale puke green with a tinge of blue or gray. We were thinking more along the lines of eggshell.

Still no DSL. =P

Work was insane the last couple of days. We had all kinds of pressure on us to finish testing for a release that had to be done this Friday. The problem was compounded by the fact that the software being tested is a hoary beast, and I don't know how to do 90% of the things I'd need to be able to do to set up scenarios where errors occur. The point is moot for now, I suppose, because the release got canceled. We still need to test all that stuff, but it's on hold until they roll back some unstable code releases or whatever. I'm quite relieved, as I don't tend to perform well under a lot of pressure.

I like being on my own again. It's different than it was at Pitt, of course- my place is bigger than one room, I live there with somebody else, and when I have to buy food or whatever, actual money comes out of my wallet. But it's still really nice. Coming home and being greeted by Nick at the door is one of the best parts of the day.

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