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Not only has life on the homefront been busy lately, but I've actually been rather swamped at work, too. Pardonay the lack of postage- we've got 20 hours of dialup allotted to us by our DSL provider until they get their rears in gear and install the darn thing for us, and we've been trying to use it sparingly. Of course, that's difficult considering my husband has several sites to run and I'm a role-play addict, heh.

So yeah- married life! It actually doesn't feel much different to be married, honestly. It still kinda feels like we went out of town together somewhere, but not really. Hard to explain. Anyway, we've been killing ourselves trying to make the apartment look halfway presentable. It's starting to feel a bit more like home. We still have lots of Ray's stuff to send back home, and lots of our own stuff that needs to be put up somewhere. I finally got to break out the Anubis and Selkhet statues I'd had stashed in my closet for lack of a good place to put them, and that was exciting.

Tons of paperwork left to do. There's all the fun associated with the name change (it's still not quite in my head that my name has changed, heh), plus all the thank-you cards, plus insurance forms so Nick can be covered under my policies, plus a bunch of stuff I'm probably forgetting right now. ;) Also have to make sure to send out checks to Nick's parents (who covered the reception since neither of us had a high enough credit limit) and to the lady whose car I bumped. Money sure does flow out of my account quickly these days!

Heading away this weekend to Cook Forest in Clarion. We're supposed to have nice weather for hiking and possibly canoeing. Then I'll be back at Mom's house (I still wanna call it "home") for a while on Sunday to open some wedding presents that came in the mail, have dinner, and possibly catch the Steelers' home opener (probably won't make it home in time for that, though). My computer's still at home, so I'll probably be able to jump online from there, too, provided my mom hasn't cancelled the cable line yet. O cable, how I pine for thee...

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