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Two days to go!

Got a really sweet card and letter from golden_d yesterday! She also wrote a letter to Nick, which I will have to wait 'til this evening to give to him. I'll have a more substantial response for you later, hon, but for right now - thanks!! *HUGS* And your prom pic is gorgeous!! =D

Was at the mall last night with Nick and Jeff as they tried on/picked up their tuxes. The tuxedo shop was unbelievably crowded with (scary-looking) people doing the exact same thing, so we got out of there an hour later than we'd hoped for. But Nick and Jeff ('specially Nick) were teh hot in their suits, so that was worth standing around waiting to see. 'Course, I feel a little guilty now as I haven't let anyone see me in my wedding dress, heh...

I think seeing Nick in a tux hammered home the reality for me. No, oddly enough, trying on my dress for alterations wasn't quite enough to do it lol! ;) Tonight, my great-uncle and one of Nick's brothers (and his family) will be arriving. Nick's niece Jessie is our junior bridesmaid, so I'll be spending some time explaining her duties to her (nothing huge- she's carrying the rings and a couple of flowers). I'll have to run through the same spiel for my sister (maid of honor) and Jeff (best man). Why aren't we just having a rehearsal, you ask? 'Cause Phipps won't let you. *shrug* Besides, it's not like this is all that complicated. 1) Walk down to the front of the room. 2) Stand there and be talked at. And we'll never have to do it again, either. And if we screw up, then at least that'll be something to laugh about during the reception. =)

I may be AWOL for a few days here, as it doesn't seem like DSL is working at our apartment yet. Hopefully it will be up and running by Monday.

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