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t3knomanser found these neato paper Transformer kits: http://www.protoformproject.com/Paperformers/Paperformers.html Woohoo! I think a goodly portion of my cubicle desk will now be cordoned off as a war zone for papery robots that actually transform! My one gripe is that I recognize only a handful of the characters available. And no Starscream, Optimus, or Megatron? WTF?

Now I wonder if there are Beast Wars kits available somewhere...

Got a real nice surprise at work yesterday! At our bi-weekly Friday meeting, some of the people I work with got me a cake, a card that everyone had signed, and a gift certificate to Williams Sonoma! No meeting that day, just a good-luck-on-pending-nuptials party ^_^ I totally wasn't expecting anything like that; I was floored. My boss who arranged all this (I have two, remember) even invited Meg to the festivities, though she isn't part of my work group, 'cause he knew I'm friends with her. How cool was that? =D

Also got back my pictures! Tons of good pictures from Josh's farewell party, Nick's and my four-year anniversary, my car, my job, and the wedding shower. Most of my day will be spent scanning them in so's I can share.
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