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Minna's Lunchtime Adventure, and Stuff

It feels shitty having to call the IT help desk for anything. I was a help desk tech myself just a few months ago (and I miss it terribly)! But at least I don't call to whine about Netscape Radio not working or something lame like that. No, my problem is that Oracle 8 and XP don't want to play together- but they do on other peoples' machines. The tech has no idea what's going on, either, so I feel a little better about myself. And before you ask- no, I haven't let SP2 anywhere near my machine yet.

Picked up the marriage license. Took all of five minutes. It went faster and more smoothly than any government process has a right to; I take my hat off to the fine individuals at the city/county building. The only bummer was that I couldn't get my coworker friend Megan to tag along. How great would it have been for us to walk in together while I said, "I'm here for the license?" ^_^

Took me about an hour total to make the trip from Allegheny Center to Grant Street and back. It was actually kinda fun to escape work and run downtown for a short time. The 500 did not lead me wrong, although I did have trouble finding the bus stop sign at Sixth Ave. and Smithfield because someone had hung a big honking plant over it. On the way down, I got off at the same stop from which I used to pick up the bus to Oakland. I can't believe I miss riding public transportation to school! ::sobs::

Know how you only remember the good parts of something once it's over? Yeah. It's for this reason that I miss being at Pitt. It just feels strange not gearing up for school right now, the way I did for the past sixteen years or so. Meanwhile, the whole time I was in school, I couldn't wait to graduate and find a real job and not have to worry about homework or studying. Yeah, now I get to worry about bills and paychecks instead. ::smacks past self:: Dumbass!

So, I guess that unanticipated nostalgia is making me start to appreciate the things I like about my current situation- savoring them, if you will, before they're gone. And in ten days, Nick and I start married life, so I guess some introspection is more or less required at this point. I think I'll have more to say about all this once I'm actually hitched.

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