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Coffee + Oreo cookie ice cream = the Lunch of Champions! =D

Stuff I keep forgetting to mention:

1) Somehow I now have 7 more Gmail invites, if anyone else is interested. Please comment and let me know!

2) I finished another song, which is now up on my site. Definitely my favoritest so far.

3) Mom's heading back to Iran sometime after the wedding 'cause my grandma isn't doing too well. Parkinson's sucks. That is all.

Nerdliness follows...

Nick and I have been on an RTS kick lately. He introduced me to Starcraft: Brood War, which I thought was pretty cool, but I got quite sick of the comptuer's huge, impossible rushes. We haven't been able to spend much time at each other's houses since the weekend, so we've been playing Age of Mythology nightly over a VPN. Had a real solid game going last night: the two of us (me with Isis, Nick with Loki) plus one computer ally (Greek, but I can't remember which god) against two non-allied computers (Thor and Hades) on Moderate.
Our CPU ally was targeted early and got thwomped. Nick and I haven't been on the offensive at all because we have our hands full defending our own territory. Still don't understand how the CPU manages to be so powerful on Moderate difficulty. With our powers combined, we can only beat it about 50% of the time- and Nick is a much stronger player than I am. We saved and quit that game about two hours in, 'cause I was falling asleep at the keyboard.

One thing I've noticed: if you take the time to build walls around your city, the CPU will target you. Sounds ridiculous, but I never build walls anymore, and now I don't get invaded nearly as often as I used to. Does that ring true to anyone else? *shrug*

What with all the similarly tilted role-playing I've been doing, I'm now thinking of breaking out Star Trek: New Worlds again. All I remember about it was that we'd get slaughtered playing as the Federation, because minor races would encroach on our resources and territory and we'd have to sit there and take it. Worse, we'd have to defend them from the Klingons. The Klingons, however, have no such qualms, and may freely lay the smackdown on the insolent little bastiches when necessary. I can't remember if you can play as the Romulans... I think you can. Federation or Romulans would probably work best for me. I'm the type who likes to forge alliances and keep a low profile, building up defenses and sending off reinforcements to my allies when they need help. I almost never launch invasions of my own volition. I'm not big on spying/sabotage either, but I'd take
advantage of the Romulans' comparative strengths there if I were playing as them.

The Feds and Romulans are also my favorite races to play in Birth of the Federation. I love all the research and diplomacy bonuses the Feds get, and I also love cloaked Romulan warbirds, heh heh heh. But BOTF is turn-based, and I'm too wired for real-time to think about turn-based right now.

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