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Had a nice long post, but LJ ate it and I was too dumb to copy it all before I hit Submit. Argh.

Anyway, the wedding shower was a lot more fun than I thought it'd be, and I am thus shamed for bitching. ::takes out shame stick and beats self mercilessly about the head:: Lots of good food and nice presents, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I also did some Middle Eastern dancing for everyone, which earned me the most thunderous applause I've ever received for anything. I was told I dance better than most full Iranians, which was nice to hear. ^_^

Took today off to attend to various wedding last-minute things, and we also got the spoiler put on my ION. Nick's still on the phone with the people who are supposed to be putting in DSL for us at our apartment, and they are being jags. We may be Internet-less for a week or more, we don't know yet. I'll try seeing if I can't arrange for dial-up at the very least.

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