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Updately Goodness

Make that two people at work who have told me I resemble the Lara Croft pic I have up in my cubicle. ^_^

Got my car!! An '04 Saturn ION 2 quad coupe. Silver, and as base of a model as you can get, except for automatic transmission and a spoiler (and I still have to get the spoiler installed). Yeah, so I'd wanted the Celica, and then I'd wanted a blue ION, but the ION and its color are really starting to grow on me. It's so tempting to floor it somewhere and see what it can do (not much, admittedly, with a V4 2.2L engine and 140 HP), but it's still in its wear-in period, so I'm trying to keep it below 50 MPH/3000 RPMs for the next few hundred miles. 'Course, that's tough to do in Pittsburgh, the land where hills are really steep and speed limits are speed minimums.

I visited Mihoko in Squirrel Hill on Saturday after picking up the car, and we went to the arts festival in Shadyside. They had all of Walnut Street closed off, and had booth after booth lined up with sculpture, paintings, and photographs by various local artists. Lots of neat (and expensive) eye candy. The stores on Walnut Street were still open, too, so we also made a stop at Kawaii Gifts. It took every ounce of my willpower not to buy the Hello Kitty coffee maker I ran into.

Afterward, we hit the Tokyo food store. They were having a little sidewalk barbecue for the festival, so we got some yakitori (grilled marinated chicken on skewers) and something I simply must find again somewhere: Ramune soda. I broke my eight-month soda fast for Ramune, and it was so worth it. Just opening the bottle is an experience in itself: basically, you slam the marble that seals the opening down into the bottle, and hang on for dear life as the soda tries to ooze out around your palm. Great stuff.

Back at Miho's apartment, we made unagi (eel) with rice and yakisoba (fried beef and vegetables tossed with noodles). So. Good. She let me take the leftovers home. I polished off the unagi Monday, but there's still plenty of yakisoba. Is it sad that I spend my day excited to get home so I can eat?

Estrogen Fest (wedding shower) this weekend. I dunno, I don't want to sound ungrateful, but I wish my mom hadn't insisted upon having one for me. I don't even know who the hell she invited aside from the two female friends I happen to have. I don't like making small talk with strangers, I feel guilty accepting presents from strangers, and if I get asked one more time about honeymoon plans or when we're having kids, I just might scream (for the record, we have no real honeymoon plans 'cause money's tight, and we've decided not to have kids). Must remember to have vodka and Kahlua on hand if I'm gonna be mellow enough to survive this...

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