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Weekendly goodness

Friday: Nick's and my fourth anniversary! When I got home from work, I set up a little dinner table in my family room by the CD player, complete with candles, roses, a present, and a Beethoven CD I stolinated from my dad years ago. Then I got to work making fettuccine alfredo for the first time. There really wasn't enough sauce, just enough to give the noodles a slight coating. It didn't taste too bad at least (besides, I don't like it when there's a soup-bowl's worth of sauce anyway). Nick came over, we ate, and he opened his present. I'd gotten him a copy of Settlers of Catan, a board game mqstout introduced us to and we both enjoy. Just kinda hung around and watched TV after that, and I ended up crashing in bed by 9:30.

Saturday: Spent the morning alternating between half-consciousness and mental hyperactivity. It was really weird. For a few hours, I felt like I couldn't do anything as taxing as reading an e-mail, then later, my brain was spinning off a thousand thoughts at once and I wasn't behind the wheel. The coffee may have had something to do with it. Anyway, Nick and I loaded the Jeep with some stuff and drove to Robinson (P.S. thanks, PENNDOT, for closing the airport exit and making us sit in detour traffic for 40 minutes). We met Jeff at the Olive Garden for dinner, then all three of us went to the apartment to unload our stuff. Jeff hadn't seen the place before, and he seemed to like it. Mom and Ray were there too- they'd spent part of the morning finishing the tiling on the bits of floor that aren't carpeted. Drove back to Nick's house and taught Jeff how to play Settlers. He beat the crap out of us. I have never seen the number 5 rolled that many times ever.

During the game, Nick bought a road with four wheat cards and a wood card. I remarked, "It's the road that stays crunchy, even in milk." I thought it was funny; Nick didn't.

Nick and Jeff had ice cream before we headed upstairs to play Age of Wonders II. Nick was looking for the rainbow sprinkles shaker, which Jeff had hidden between his legs. Once Jeff surrendered it, Nick commented, "That's okay. Guess you just wanted to feel something long and hard down there for once." This concludes the quoted portion of this LJ entry.

Sunday: Not sure what-all we're doing yet. I imagine we'll be returning to the apartment to drop off some more stuff. Also, my sister called dibs on a lot of Ray's furniture in there, and wants to come with us to finalize once and for all the pieces she wants to take whenever she moves out of Mom's house herself. (Ray doesn't need that furniture anymore, so Nick and I are using it 'cause, hey, we don't exactly have cash on hand right now to run out and accessorize).

Hungry. Need breakfast...
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